CHAPMAN FILMED ENTERTAINMENT is a partnership between Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts and private investors designed to produce commercially viable feature films that will serve as a launching pad for some of the country’s top young filmmaking talent.
Slated to produce four to six pictures per year in the micro-budget range ($250,000 - $1M), Chapman Filmed Entertainment is a sustainable, fully-functioning production company.  Utilizing Chapman University’s professional and production resources, the company is tapping into the emerging trend of micro-budgeted films in the independent film arena.
The current constraints of the traditional economic models of independent filmmaking, combined with enhanced and increasingly accessible technology, position Chapman Filmed Entertainment to take advantage of the production and social media talents of the new era of young filmmakers and storytellers.
Employing a combination of Dodge College graduates in key creative positions, top students as assistants and a select group of established industry professionals in both crew and mentoring roles, the productions are designed to keep costs low while maintaining high creative standards.  At the same time, the productions will build a bridge into the industry for talented Dodge College students and alumni.


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